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Welcome to Junior's! We're keeping downstairs friendly for the whole family and if you want to hang with just the grown folks, head upstairs and check out the full bar and balcony.

Our mission here at Junior's is to deliver that warm feeling of walking into your favorite restaurant after a long absence. It's a place where classic lunch specials meet contemporary dinner dishes, and our favorite flavors and ingredients shine in unpretentious surroundings.

It's a place for a date upstairs, a dinner with family and friends downstairs, a drink on the patio or just enjoying a dessert from Gail's Fine Ice Cream while watching the cars pass by. We challenge ourselves to deliver a lively, sincere neighborhood restaurant like the ones we remember from growing up- where conversation only pauses for a moment after the food is served.

Cheers and thanks for your patronage, we're grateful!

Nick + Lon

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Gail's fine ice cream

OUR MISSION at Gail's is to package and serve the classic comfort of the perfect dessert, alongside an emphasis on hospitality, cleanliness and quality- a treat for any and all milestones. We challenge ourselves to place the same importance on integrity and community as we do on profitability and growth, and to meld the timeless appeal of American ice cream with innovative and ambitious products, spaces and practices.


curbside burgers

HERE AT CURBSIDE, we know great burgers. Using a proprietary blend of beef — that goes through the grinder a unique way — combined with signature toppings, buttery brioche buns, fresh cut fries and an ice cold beer, we think we’ve created the perfect burger experience. We’re burger junkies and we take pride in everything we do. The food is real. Thanks a lot for loving it!


overpass merchant

Drink Good. Eat Good. Be Good People.


Birthday party? Lunch Meeting? Book Club ? Holiday Event? Look no further. We have a private dining room upstairs that can accommodate up to 10 people or you can rent out the entire upstairs and patio! 
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